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Check in Appointment

Check In Appointment

To Our Valued Clients

Please remove any unnecessary items/ personal belongings from the vehicle prior to your arrival so that we may efficiently and effectively conduct the full repairs on your vehicle.

Please bring any keys required to access or remove roof-racks, spare wheel cover, canopy and other accessories.

We have completed the following in addition to your repairs:

The following activities will be undertaken when you drop your vehicle off.

1 – Confirm with you the repairs to be completed, along with your contact information
2 – Disinfect high touch areas of your vehicle. Due to the COVID-19 situation, your vehicle will undergo a disinfection process upon check-in
This includes disinfecting the following:

  • Steering Wheel
  • Keys
  • Driver’s door handle outside and inside
  • Door arm rest
  • Gear Lever
  • Hand brake
  • Start button (should there be one)

Depending on the repairs being undertaken, the following may also be disinfected:

  • Passenger and any other door handles
  • Boot lid handle/ switch
  • Driver’s seat belt

3 – Cover your steering wheel with a protective wrap and place a seat cover on the driver’s seat
4 – Disinfect your vehicle prior to collection

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