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Choice of Repairer

A flexible ‘choice of repairer’ option

Although some insurance companies may have the final say on where you can have your vehicle repaired, most offer a flexible ‘choice of repairer option.

Woodriff Smash Repairs has built a strong reputation over the last 30 year’s on the Sunshine Coast and have worked with all major insurance companies.

We offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our repair’s for as long as you own the vehicle.


I was interested to learn I had a choice on who carried out my repair. It was the result of a friends referral combined with genuine and helpful explanations from Woodriffs that I ended here for my repair.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Woodriffs to anyone in the stressful position of repairs after an accident. And I do think everyone should be able to make their own choice in these situations.

Julia Hargreaves


Our insurance company were really good in explaining what we could and couldn’t do in regards to our car accident.

My mother had been sent to Woodriffs by her insurer and I instantly knew that was the answer for us when it happened.

Happy ending and glad we got to make our choice.

Jessica O’Sullivan

It’s Your Car. It Deserves Premium Care.

Let us locate the information on the product disclosure statement for you. We can then help you better understand the fine print so you are fully informed of your right’s as a policy holder.

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