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I have had an accident, what do I do next?

If you wish to go through insurance for the repairs: Call & lodge a claim with your insurer. Once you have received a claim number, call one of our friendly team members.

If you do not wish to go through insurance or want to find out the cost before claiming, call one of our friendly team members.

We will then find the next available time that suits you to bring your vehicle in for a 10-20 minute inspection where our estimators will quote your vehicle and take all necessary photos and details.

Alternatively, if your vehicle is not safe to drive/ not driveable we can organise to have it towed to our facility on your behalf.

Learn more about our Repair Process.

Are you a recommended repairer?

Yes! We are a selected repairer for RACQ & AAI (Suncorp Group) insurances. Although some insurance companies may have the final say on where you can have your vehicle repaired, most offer a flexible “choice of repairer” option. Learn more about whether your policy includes Choice of Repairer today.

Do you provide a life time warranty?

We offer a lifetime guarantee on all repairs, our promise to you is that if there are any issues or defects present because of the repairs complete by WSR, then we will rectify the issues and supply you with a replacement vehicle at no cost to you.

Do you provide loan cars?

Yes we do! Our loan cars are made up of a variety of small sized hatch backs with most having an automatic transmission. Although we try our best to accommodate your need for another set of wheels while your vehicle is being repaired, this may not always be achievable given they are all generally booked out well in advance.

This is why it is always advisable to ensure that you will have access to transport should you have an accident, be it through your insurance with the optional extra of a hire car, public transport, or being able to catch a lift with a friend!

Can I get a quote if I send you photo’s?

Unfortunately we can’t quote repairs based on photo’s. This is for a number of reasons, first and foremost being we need to ensure all damage is captured during the estimating process, and photo’s alone don’t provide enough detail for our estimators to quote accurately.

Estimating is always done by a specially trained professional with the vehicle in front of them, allowing them to scan the vehicle with their eyes picking up any minute chips or dents that may otherwise be missed by the untrained eye.

Other damage our estimators will look for is the possibility of damage under the exposed panel. Quite often the estimator will remove a panel during the quoting process to get a proper view of how extensive the repairs will be. What might look like a small dent from a parking lot prang can end up causing a lot of damage underneath.

Do you do rust repairs?

Unfortunately we do not do rust repairs as we offer a life time warranty on all of our panel repairs. As rust can rarely ever be completely removed from a panel, the chances of it returning are quite high. We recommend our customers speak with their vehicle manufactures to discuss rust proofing options as a method of prevention.

What time will my car be ready / how long will the repairs take?

Our estimators will categorise your vehicle during the quoting process. Your vehicles assigned category is determined by the severity and extent of the damage.

The first and most common are “Category 1” vehicles, these take 4 day’s to complete and make up around 65% of the vehicles we repair.

The next category are our “Category 2” vehicles, taking 8 day’s to complete and accounting for 20% of our work.

The last category is an “Exception”, or “Category 2+”, this is a large scale repair requiring over 8 day’s to complete and these only make up around 5% of the vehicles we repair.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash, and payment via EFTPOS. We do not accept Diner’s or AMEX & all credit transactions will attract a 1.5% fee.

Will my vehicle be washed?

Yes! We offer a complimentary wash on all vehicles that have undergone smash repairs.

We also offer additional professional detailing packages to suit most needs and budgets. Learn more about Woodriff Vehicle Detailing today.

When do I pay my excess?

Your excess is payable upon collection. We accept cash, and payment via EFTPOS. We do not accept Diner’s or AMEX & all credit transactions will attract a 1.5% fee.

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