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Sometimes accidents are unavoidable. We have transformed the car body repair business by repairing drive-able accident damage. We repair your automobile if you can still drive it following an accident. We care just as much as you do about saving money and time on vehicle body repairs.

Drop your car into our Workshop for a complimentary consultation to have it restored to manufacturer specs by our technical specialists. Our courteous technicians demonstrate the finest solutions for your repair using the finest materials. Your car will pass through modern workstations during the repair procedure, ensuring that the job is done correctly and without delay. Notify your insurance company that you want Woodriff Preferred Auto to handle your repairs so you may take advantage of your ‘Choice of Repairer’ option and our Lifetime Guarantee.

Our Maroochydore site is just 18 minutes’ drive away from Nambour. Partnering with both individual car owners and active transport providers, we offer over 38 years of combined experience in accident repairs, bumper repair work, and dent restorations. Woodriff Preferred Auto goes above and beyond for every customer, with a faster response, keen attention to detail, and a stellar record.

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Smash Repairs Caloundra

Woodriff Preferred Auto is a well-known company. We provide a wide variety of car repair, maintenance, and detailing services. Woodriff Smash Repairs has offered exceptional quality repairs on all types of automobiles and 4x4s for more than 35 years on the Sunshine Coast. Our qualified specialists reflect the peak of expertise in the repair sector, with over three decades of experience.

Laurie Woodriff, the company’s founder, has acquired a substantial clientele over the years due to his steadfast commitment to delivering outstanding customer service and completing quality work the first time. Joe and Nick Woodriff, his sons, have been running the company for nearly seven years, with Joe becoming Managing Director in 2020 and Nick presently serving as General Manager of Operations.

Drop your vehicle to our auto repair shop. One car at a time; in our business, respect is built. As a result, we provide a written lifetime guarantee to our clients. Our work is guaranteed at Woodriff Preferred Auto.

Consequently, you’ll be able to take care of all of your smash repair needs in one location. For instance, we can fix minor bumps and minor scratches, touch-ups, headlamp restoration, wheel repairs, and custom colour coding and provide heavy structural damage repairs, rapid collision repair, and much more.

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Car Service Nambour

Are you searching for a modern car service or someone to fix your brakes and replace your New Car Tyres? Whatever mechanical service your automobile requires, the technicians at Woodriff Preferred Auto have the prestige and equipment to get the job done right and at a fair price. With the capacity to fix everything from significant vehicle damage to minor aesthetic faults, our team of qualified experts lead the industry.

Visit Sugar Rd in Maroochydore if you’re seeking a relaxing and enjoyable journey. Our Workshop is only a few minutes drive from Maroochydore; ask about a rental vehicle while booking your appointment. The most problematic aspect of restoring your accident damage is not having your car. We provide you with a free, solid quotation in as little as 10 minutes and perform most repairs in as little as 1-3 days.
The service of a car comprises several processes. For example, changing the engine oil, Brakes Repair, Wheel Alignment, substituting oil, air and fuel filters, replacing spark plugs, verifying brake fluid levels, pads and discs, charging systems, power steering fluid, tyres, lights, windows, lubricating components, Dash light warning, Shock absorbers, and inspecting timing belt are some of the most common car services.

If a reliable, honest mechanic is what you’re searching for, make Woodriff Preferred Auto your last stop for all Manufactures Log Book Services or Roadworthy & Safety Certificates, mechanical diagnosis, and repairs.

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Car Detailing Nambour

Woodriff Preferred Auto is a well-known professional auto detailer. We keep these vehicles appear brand new because of the expense of a Suburban and its appeal among families. We give these gorgeous, eco-friendly automobiles a new lease of life by polishing and protecting them.

When you book a car with Woodriff Preferred Auto, you can be confident that you will get nothing but the finest. We provide professional detailing services, including interior shampoo, hand polish, buff, and polishing. In addition, Woodriff Preferred Auto only employs top-of-the-line items and cutting-edge technology.

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It’s Your Car. It Deserves Premium Care.

Let us locate the information on the product disclosure statement for you. We can then help you better understand the fine print so you are fully informed of your right’s as a policy holder.

Choice of Repairer on your Insurance Policy

Choice of Repairer on your Insurance Policy

Have you lately been involved in a vehicle accident? Are you in need of maintenance or mechanical components for your vehicle? Although some insurance providers maintain the right to choose where your car is repaired, most of them provide you with a wide range of options. Tell your insurance company that you want Woodriff Preferred Auto to fix your vehicle when submitting an insurance claim. Then, after your claim has been processed, send off your car at our Workshop and leave the rest to us. We are a family-owned and operated business that values reliability above expediency.

The following are some of the reasons why Woodriff Preferred Auto should be considered while having your automobile repaired:

  • Family-owned and maintained for over 35 years on the Sunshine Coast Lifetime Guarantee on all repairs
  • There are no shortcuts here; only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship are used.
  • In 2019, we were named Queensland’s Best Large Repairer (Paint & Panel Magazine Australasia)
  • Our objective and goal for 2023 is to be named Australia’s top large repairer (Voted by Paint and Panel Magazine Australasia)
  • Over the last 35 years on the Sunshine Coast, Woodriff Smash Repairs has developed a substantial prestige and has continued to work with all significant insurance companies.
  • It’s Your Car, After All. Therefore, it is deserving of the highest level of attention.

Please allow us to find the facts on the product disclosure statement on your behalf. We can then assist you in deciphering the fine print so that you are entirely aware of your policyholder’s rights. To reap the benefits of the most excellent craftsmanship on the Sunshine Coast, be sure to use Woodriff Preferred Auto as your repairer. We give a lifetime warranty on all smash repair services as long as you keep the car.

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We understand how stressful coping with an accident may be, so please call us at (07) 5443 7595, and one of our friendly staff would be pleased to help you with your insurance statement or acquire a repair quote. With our group of professionals, we can deliver on our commitment to providing high-quality service. Every part of our Specialists team is exceptionally competent and well-trained. They are here to assist you; our team performs a full inspection of your vehicle and suggests a car package that is the most excellent fit for your needs.

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