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Woodriff Mechanical Services

Having your vehicle serviced and maintained regularly is vital to its safe operation, routine maintenance will greatly minimise the risk of a small problem turning into a large costly one.

Here at Woodriff Mechanical we service all makes and models using top quality certified aftermarket parts, so you can rest assured that your vehicles new car warranty is maintained and protected whilst saving you money. All of our technicians are fully qualified, so you can be confident that our workmanship is of the highest level.

We offer a range of different services to suit your individual needs and budget so your sure to find the right fit for you! We will be extremely transparent with the work required and carried out on your vehicle, and will send you detailed images of wear and tear items that require replacing, so you can visually see the value added to your asset.

Manufacturers Log Book Service

Manufactures Log Book Services are best suited to those wanting the following:

  • Maintain Manufacturers Statutory Warranty
  • Manufacturers Service Schedule requirements met
  • Comprehensive Mechanical Condition Report provided
  • Log book filled out & stamped

Standard Service

Standard Services are best suited to those wanting the following:

  • Replace engine oil & oil filter (premium brand)
  • All fluid levels check and topped up
  • Comprehensive brake & suspension check
  • Rotate tyres & front wheel balance
  • Full safety inspection & maintenance report

Basic Service

Basic Services are best suited to those wanting the following:

  • Replace engine oil & oil filter (budget parts)
  • All fluid levels check & topped up
  • Brake & suspension visual inspection
  • Tyre pressure & tread check
  • 6 point safety inspection

Tyres, Balance & Alignment

Tyres – Your vehicles tyres are essential for safe driving, they are the only contact between your vehicle and the road. Your tyres supply all the traction that allow your vehicle to accelerate and brake and to maintain steering and directional control.

  • Range of pricing options – Cheap/Premium
  • Tyres up to 24 inches

Balance – Correct wheel balancing is very important when replacing tyres, you’re not only assisting your tyres treadwear, you’re helping to minimize vibration in your steering wheel and floor pan resulting in a smoother and more comfortable ride.

  • Free wheel balancing with any new tyre replacements

Alignment – Incorrect wheel alignment is one of the main causes for uneven tyre wear. Misalignment may also cause your vehicle to pull to one side and cause vibration in your steering wheel and floor pan. In spec wheel alignments are a crucial part of maximizing the life of your tyres.

  • PDF report E-mailed with invoice


Your brake system may be the single most important component of your vehicle. It is a critical safety component that must be maintained regularly to ensure the safety of people in your vehicle and other motorists and pedestrians on the road.

Our qualified technicians will take detailed images of brake pads and rotor condition and will E-mail to you on completion, we will only recommend replacing parts when required.


Your suspensions job is to maximize the friction between the tyres and the road surface, to provide steering stability with good handling and to ensure the comfort of the passengers.

Why Woodriff Mechanical

Communication & Technology

Our business operations are run through a state of the art management system. We will keep you informed on your vehicles progress through your chosen line of communication.

We will include detailed images of required maintenance parts and send them to you upon completion with any reports carried out.

Manufacturers’ Log Book Servicing

Woodriff Mechanical specialises in log book servicing. All our log book services are conducted by a trade qualified mechanic and according to manufactures specifications, using appropriate quality parts. We will stamp your service log book without affecting your manufactures warranty.

Any suggestion by manufacturers or dealers that vehicles need to be serviced at a licensed dealer to maintain the owner’s consumer guarantee rights is not correct.

Life Cycle Management

Are you guilty of your vehicles periodic servicing becoming overdue, and running the risk of a small foreseeable problem becoming a large costly one?

Become a part of our life cycle management program today and let us do the thinking for you. We will proactively manage your service and maintenance intervals, sending you an estimate and reminder with plenty of time before your due date.


Join WPA’s life cycle management program today, its FREE!

From pre-purchase to final on-sale we facilitate the services you need to manage the life cycle of your investment.

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